Mobile Games are so convenient that you can play games anywhere, anytime and even when you are traveling. We at 3D Labz provide solutions to gaming needs of mobile operators, manufacturers, technology providers, and developers of games worldwide.

Our high quality and low cost production mobile games services include real-time art, animation, technical services to full-fledged game development. Our expertise extends to new generation game console, games on PC online and offline and handheld gaming devices.

3D Labz with its highly creative team and years of experience has developed expertise in mobile games development for a wide array of platforms including BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), Symbian OS (Nokia preferred) and J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition.) These are instruments that give game developers an extra edge to hardware like other software developments kits (SDK) that includes application programming interface (API.)

3DS Max, a widely used package in gaming consoles and computers for 3D games is gaining popularity in mobile area too. Our talented artists, programmers and designers at 3D Labz work together to fully optimize the combined talents that enables them to develop unique and attractive mobile games.

Minds of mobile games programmers have a different mind-set and thinking styles; they use both vertical and lateral thinking from game code to game asset stages of development. Ideas are developed using vertical thinking but are pushed forward through lateral thinking. Our talented teams of developers at 3D Labz animation studio apply creative thought and bring out innovative designs at every stage of development,

The most basic helpful skill even for artists is the familiarity with scripting. Understanding macro scripts or even writing one can make work using Photoshop faster saving artists a lot of time. Total commitment to work at 3D Labz begins right from the creation of interesting characters and story boards to cutting edge development and ample testing.

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