3D Labz Animation Studio creates stunning 3D Logo Animation in file sizes appropriate for TV, film, multimedia and web, using special effects, animation, amazing textures, and vibrant sound effects. Our striking and original 3D logo designs attract viewers and create brand retention and product loyalty.

Logo is the most identifiable face of your company, a moving message to maximise brand loyalty. A lot of creativity and thought need to go into three dimensional logo designs to create a powerful identity seal. 3D Labz create brand recognition by making your logo a significant signature stamp..

3D Logo Animation
3D Logo animation created for a film festival logo.
3d logo design
3D Logo Animation
3D Logo Animation created for the intro part of a multimedia presentation.
logo animation company
3D Logo Animation
3D Logo Animation created for radio club.
Download 3D logo special effects
3D Logo Animation
3D Logo Animation created for Television Channel.
Download 3D logo animation
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Excellent 3D logo animation creates a positive awareness about your company among your targeted viewers on TV, videos or web. It builds a strong company image and an optimistic perception about your company in the audiences’ mind. Your logo acts as a recognizable spokesperson of your company to get your powerful message across effectively.

At 3D Labz we not only create new logos for you; we can as well customize your present logo to a striking 3D animated one that astounds your viewers into making them come back. We can work wonders in turning the existing, outdated, 2D logo to a technically brilliant, artistically appealing and refreshingly new 3D logo to enhance your visibly be it on any media such as television, broadcasting, multimedia or web.

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